• Anxiety

    Diagnosing and Treating Anxiety

    Anxiety disorders rank among the most commonly prescribed mental health conditions. The most prevalent type of anxiety is known as "generalized anxiety disorder," a term...

  • Skin Conditions

    An Overview of Common Skin Conditions

    As your body's largest organ, your skin is susceptible to a wide range of conditions that can affect its appearance and characteristics. Grouped under the collective term...

  • Family Physicians

    Trusted Healthcare Providers

    Expertly trained in all areas of medicine, a family physician can diagnose and treat a wide range of problems that patients often bring to their doctor's office. They are well...

  • Mental Health Helplines

    Solutions that are Available

    mental health helpline is a confidential telephone crisis "hotline" that is generally made available to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is easily..